Welcome to the Grady FLL Experience!

Hi, I'm Arif Ali and I'm the parent coordinator for the Grady FLL Program.  In the few short weeks since Paula Kupersmith nudged me into this role, I've discovered that FLL is an amazing program which will bring our team MANY MANY benefits. It is also a HUGE and daunting effort AND its the first year the our school will be hosting our own program.  For those of you who saw the BEST competition that we participated in just a few week ago, FLL is almost the same magnitude of event except for one major aspect: WE"RE HOSTING THE EVENT! Yup, we have to  provide the competition tables, the sound systems, the scorekeepers, the snacks, the judges and much much more.

See the links on the left for more information on the program in general. To see more detail on our actual events, use the top menu bar.